Welcome to Ponzied. This is our realm. We are an open society of like-minded individuals, and your thoughts are welcome to roam freely here. We ask that you afford to others the same respect you would want for yourself and while we do not censor we also expect you to govern yourself accordingly. We respect all opinions as long as they can be supported with logic, facts, and evidence. We shall not countenance your or anyone's bullshit. We have no agenda other than to seek and uncover the truth, wherever it may lead. We write and produce other content around an ever-evolving web of topics based on our diverse and varied personal interests that ultimately seek to reveal the occult, unravel the tangled threads of life, and in all endeavors seek to improve ourselves mentally, spiritually, and physically. We must prepare. Ponzied is a private trust with its own system of law governed by a High Council. The High Council is comprised of the founders. Their collective philosophy and wisdom is what guides the ethical framework of our governance. We strive to maintain an egalitarian society, where those who provide exemplary contributions rise in rank upon the general consensus of the members (you). Upon joining our society you are merely a peasant. Remember your place. We have commissioned a series of constables to keep the peace. While we do not suffer snowflakes, we will take legitimate complaints and problems seriously. They can be reported to the constables, who will step in to investigate. Most matters can be resolved by the constables. However, more serious matters are referred to the magistrate, who may administer any prescription up to and including banishment (i.e. banning your account) if the situation warrants. You are welcome to remain a peasant, but that's all you'll ever be in our realm. We are seeking knights. Be prepared to support your positions with logic, facts and evidence, and you may well find yourself commissioned to higher stations within our society. And with higher rank comes higher privilege. Drool your nonsense incessantly and you can expect a sound drubbing from a constable, or a more stern rebuke from the magistrate. RESPECT OUR AUTHORITA. Be civil if you can, fight if you must, but in any event, be honorable. I am, your co-Host, Chief Magistrate, and Editor in Chief, Chumba.