Everybody complains about Obama and Hillary not calling Christians Christians, but this is one of the advanced steps into destroying this religion, with now hundreds of attacks by more and more daring terrorists on a yearly basis. This happens worldwide but also in what used to be bastions of christianity. The real culprits here are of course the people who own the media and underreport terrorism against Christians while pretending there's a rise in white supremacism, as well as the traitors who facilitate rampage and find excuses like for instance the Notre Dame of Paris hallucinogenic shenanigans among many. I would however put the Vatican on top of that list. The Vatican, den of homosexuals bordering on pedophiles, heavily infiltrated by Jesuit scum who are notoriously crypto Jews and have no interest in christianity besides destroying it. Not a word uttered after the Paris blaze. Not a word after the Easter slaughter. Never a word against destruction in the middle east. You will never hear anything from them besides licking the feet of notorious killers and sucking their dicks. Absolute shame. The Vatican; this is the place to get rid of first and foremost. In the meantime, all these attacks will only have one noticeable effect, which is reinforcing the faith and cohesion of Christians communities worldwide. Enjoy the ride, traitors. Your day will come. https://slate.com/human-interest/2017/04/how-the-catholic-priesthood-became-a-haven-for-many-gay-men.html