This article is the result of just a little google work. It's not an attack on the man, merely a little trip down a rabbit hole. Kavanaugh went to Yale, and that is where Skull and Bones is. Many crazy accusations can be seen on the internet about this secret society. Although he was not a member of Skull and Bones, he surely would have crossed paths with members of it. He was a member of Truth and Courage (TNC), nicknamed Titt's N Clits. Some reports of it comment that it was mainly a drinking club and didn't have a tomb such as Skull. Kavanaugh was also working under Bush during Sept 10th, 2001. I'm not saying this means anything, but you can cherry pick enough data to make this guy look like the people we are against. He came from an elite rich family, and is definately part of the (((club))) or the (((club))) has blackmail on him for life. Perhaps his extreme distress during the hearing about the sexual assualt was because this was being held over his head, and now it's exposed. He'll never get a job high up again, regardless, he's done for. Also note, according to Urban Dictionary the following words are defined as: Boof: Anal sex Devils Triangle: 3 Way sex, (2 men, one woman) This does not represent my personal opinion of him, but it just goes to show how cherry picking facts about these situations can all come to different conclusions. These facts clearly show, he's part of the evil cabal.