Dead Male Prostitute, Piles of Meth Found in Clinton Mega-Donor’s Home—NO ARRESTS

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    What a surprise -- news of anyone connected to the Clinton's has been largely ignored or suppressed by the mainstream Khazar Gypsy controlled mass-media. TheClinton's, and all associate's from the criminal cabal are of course, above the law it seems.

    When you pay millions into the Clinton Overlords "pay to play" scam/foundation/tribute, the law conveniently turns a blind eye. We live in essentially a modern-day feudal system, where the "lords of the land" have special privileges above and beyond the peasants.

    Just imagine if the scenario involved a regular white-European schmo that wasn't a Clinton Crime Cabal supporter. The Counterfeit News Network, and the other lame stream media propaganda squawk boxes would be streaming this as an exclusive for days on end and someone and somehow tying the perpetrator as a Trump supporter.

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