"Liberal" vs. "Conservative" - Examining the 'Divide and Conquer' Tactics of the Global-Oligarchs

  • by Dingle

    The Yin Yang symbol means many different things to many different people. To some it means duality, to others it means God, and to some it means balance. Perhaps many westerners just think of Scorpion unleashing a spear out of his hand into Sub-Zero’s chest, bloodily lassoing his opponent for a match ending uppercut (Finish Him!).
    The Chan Buddhists of the Shaolin temple applied a moral absolute to Taoism’s Yin Yang principle, yet to (((others))), it’s a license to propagate self-serving chaos. The “devil” or “Satan” also means very different things to different people. It is regarded by some as the ultimate power conglomerate of all the malicious conscious intent in the world, to some it’s a symbol of freewill and fairness, and to others, it’s a Halloween costume consisting of a red guy with a goatee and horns.

    It is certainly no news that the global overlords keep power as a minority over the majority through divide and conquer tactics. This occurs politically, economically, culturally, spiritually; and at macro and micro levels, from arguing immediate family members, to the governments of virtually all the countries of the world working in collusion to keep the peasants scared and debt enslaved. An issue like transgenderism might cause a confused/impulsive hormone-bubbling teen to sever a relationship with their parents, causing them to be on the streets with dwindling prospects for the future. In Islamic theocracies of the Middle East, women must wear what basically amounts to a portable black tent around themselves at all times; yet in the USA, 12 year old girls squeeze into jeans (complete with eye catching designs on the butt pockets) so tight it’d make a prostitute blush, and walk around the mall hoping to garner as much attention as possible to boost their (social media induced) low self esteem. In the M.E. they throw gays off of buildings, and in NYC/SanFrancisco gays parade and flaunt in the streets in their underwear, ramming their way of life down your throat and into the consciousnesses of our children. Whatever issue is instated by the powers-that-be (all over the world), you can be sure that it will perpetuate division and ignorance through distraction, as the MSM fans the flames every evening at 6 with Jake Schlapper, Bill O’Smeilly, (or who-the-f#%$-ever).

    I propose these hardcore opposing dogmas of hedonism and abstinence are absurd, an untenable farce, and are quite planned/intentional (assuming we are ruled by oligarch dynasties with trillions of liquidity to throw at anything they want to manifest, aka, “gods”). Hedonism leads to a burnout and desensitization to pleasure, and abstinence vows hoisted upon you by some uber-strict father-figure-in-the-sky who you are not even allowed to talk to or ask questions to (don’t you know everything you need to know is in a dusty old book authorized by a roman emperor and an English king!) leads to crushing guilt that will slowly chip away at you until you snap, releasing a torrent of frustration into a single extreme moment where you seriously hurt yourself or someone else. Perhaps the best course of action is to be flexible and balanced regarding not only your own behavior, but also society’s collective judgment of other’s behaviors. In other words, not to bottle up impulses, yet don’t let them spill out all over the place as either.

    When resources are scarce trees can share nutrients through vast root and fungal networks. In other words, they are communicating and transferring directly and naturally, with no interference from the overseer bureaucrats or social engineers. The antithesis is the goal of the overlords: to ensure we are disconnected and uprooted, with no ability to privately transfer anything, without the ability to listen to each other’s (think ZuckerBook.com) or even our own soul, and without the ability to form any cultural/tribal roots (there’s only one tribe allowed to do that). So maybe the next time someone asks you how you feel about kneeling footballers or Bruce Jenner, tell them you have to take a sudden diarrhea and walk away, and save your breath for something more meaningful.

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    @dingle another shitbag talking from the Davos trenches:

    THE old chunk of dying dung crusading for the freedom of the world aboard his private jet and singing us about the malevolence of big money (it takes one to know one) can't accept the idea of a world surviving him and can no longer hide that he's in serious condition, potentially on a Darth Vader like life support. That's why the race traitor stirs the pot.

    First he lost his denture and couldn't pronounce words correctly.

    Nobody laughed in the audience.

    Then he exhibited tremendous problems reading his already rehearsed text which showed that his eyesight is dramatically low, and also that his memory is failing him before he could even reach the end of his simplest 19 words long sentences.

    Again, nobody puffed.

    Sadly this short video didn't give us any hint as to whether he's got incontinence problems or if his perpetually reconstructed pale body exhales this characteristic putrid decomposition smell, but just like assassin Hillary who seems in much better shape we can safely assume he's also endowed with his little backpack sack to accommodate for his constantly dribbling anus.

    Given the seriousness of his symptoms, it is highly unlikely that this being be autonomous, both in terms of physical but also mental abilities. One has then to forcibly conclude that this slow rotting corpse is used by some behind the scenes puppet master. The question is: who is pulling the strings?

    If money can buy you a lot of things like dominos on pizzas and walnut sauce, it cannot buy you eternal life. That's the problem with Faustian pacts: you have to give your soul back to Satan, therefore you have to die knowing this will happen outside of your control, and this is certainly why the candidates for eternal damnation cling on to life that desperately. Nobody knows this kind of fear besides them, which is already a reward in itself for the simple but honest and hard working citizen.

    And no amount of children's blood and organs can change that.

    Oligarchs are not gods, not even semi gods. They are a bunch of damned fools full of what they are.

    Not to worry, in the end, Twatter, Farcebook, Oggle and their ilk are all going to be remembered as the Pravdas and Izvestias of the 21st century.

  • @clinicallyalive yea. eventually you can buy the government, quash the free market, and set up a printing press. what i mean is he's not crazy, he has delusions of grandeur. To have the kind of capitalism he wants, you need to first instate a socialist system that would begin to clutch power and swallow everything. he is idealistic. you can tell he likes to sniff his own farts, long hard and deep pranayama inhales

  • @dingle he's not entirely crazy if you listen to what he's saying. where he fails, is believing that capital markets will drive markets that truly benefit the planet, or majority of people - it will not, and never will. it will always concentrate the greatest amount wealth in the fewest hands.

  • @clinicallyalive This guy sounds crazy. He will never get a seat at the table.

  • @clinicallyalive instead of saying, let's find a way around those 150 tapeworms and build a healthier better functioning society

  • @dontgive what that cunt is saying is: i want a seat at that table... that's it.

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    Just watch this

    Facebag dude says 150 people run the world


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