Happy Columbus Day!

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    Hmm... Google doesn't seem to be aware of it anymore.

    I think most are aware Christopher Columbus didn't discover America, but it was a good voyage that took hard work, skill, and determination. We didn't come and kill the savage natives. Diseases took them out from voyages long before his arrival. The natives didn't even have wheels (which had been invented 4000 years earlier).

    It's to Googlecot folks.

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    @woodman Google will eventually die. Slowly at first, then all of a sudden. Look carefully at Intel and Microsoft to understand the pain of a dying globalist scumbag.
    The bad thing is that the alphabet soup agencies will figure out on which horse to put their monies for the next race. They are maybe completely delusional but they are always ahead of Joe six-pack.
    Read my entries about the Google rat hole and discord to figure that out.

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