The Facade of Training in Global Politics

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    The intimation of so-called "military training" as reported by the mainstream media, serves as a "sleight of hand" by governments for maneuvering forces into position to justify the continued presence/occupation in geographical theatres of potential domestic and foreign conflicts, and with minimal criticism, interference, or panic.

    Training; used in the context of military operations when being reported, helps to psychologically pacify any aggressive or questionable actions of the country's military force engaged in the so-called training exercises. This is also certainly the case for domestic police and/or military exercises.

    Thinking about this covert subterfuge from a governments perspective, if you had to maneuver a domestic national force into key urban centres in preparation for civil unrest for example, how would you mobilize a significant force without rousing suspicion?

    Staging a "training exercise" would be the perfect cover story for the execution and justification of police or military occupation to pacify citizens could also be from the spread of a highly contagious virus, that is communicated via the media which would no doubt, make any operation against the people relatively easy and avoid question. It seems that there would need to be somewhat of a significant false flag event that would have to occur to be the catalyst to justify major domestic operations.

    Successful military operations against citizens would require that citizens be disarmed prior to execution, for which a psy-ops campaign would need to be implemented long prior to mitigate the risk of violent opposition. Gun registration is a start in identifying who owns what, and where, but the actual disarmament of large swaths of weaponry and population would be an enormous endeavor and bear with it tremendous risk.

    The viral outbreak method may be the best option with military personnel wearing bio-hazard suits with no weapons, and extracting people from their domicile to secure zones where, incidentally firearms are not permitted. For this, there would need to be massive camps and facilities setup for the people, and while they are away from their homes another sweeper team could collect all the firearms en masse from their homes. Of course, one could not keep the public away from their homes for long, and once they return and find their property stolen there will be rioting in the streets. However, the rioting would be severely one-sided since the majority of weapons have been seized and the citizens could be more easily controlled.

    This will only work for so long before citizens band together and for militias and attempt rebellious acts of guerrilla warfare against the government which would cause country wide riots and the pre-text for a revolution.

    Think about how much more difficult an extraction operation would be without being under the guise “training".

    The facade of training is also used to justify military activities and build-ups in foreign territories, and war games would be the perfect cover to abstract actual conflicts from ever reaching the press.

    It seems that governments will say whatever needs to be said to NOT admit that they are engaged in direct conflicts and rather use terrorists and/or rebels as the proxy scapegoats. The reason for this is blindly obvious — these proxies are not accountable to anyone or any country and therefore are not open to scrutiny by the public. It’s a brilliant tactic of abstracting the actual truth which is spun however the media controlled government desires. Almost like writing the script of a movie.

    Uncovering the “Fog of Truth” takes some research and understanding of the basic factors of human behavior and motivation. Carl von Clausewitz stated “War is a continuation of politics by other means.”, and Michael Ruppert took it one step further and stated “…politics is a continuation of economics by other means.” All activity is driven by the motivation of economic gain at its core. Nobody could even think of questioning this in the capitalist economy and the market globalization as we lived in for hundreds of years.

    Understanding global economics is truly equivalent in predicting major future events since the global financial markets truly underpin all other aspects of our lives. When you follow the money, and its movements throughout the global financial system you can reveal the silhouette of the upcoming political and social movements that will have a cascading effect across our civilization.

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