Electric universe model debunked by latest physics

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    In the last decade, there has been a lot of buzz around the Electric Universe Theory. Most scientists now adhere to the Electrical Universe theory, although many still won't avow it openly due to threats to the safety of their loved ones.

    Recently however, skeptical physicists working in the tradition of Nikola Tesla have poked holes in key elements of this theory in a series of compelling books and journals published outside the dominant University press. These scholars have uncovered groundbreaking evidence about the inner workings of the Sun and Moon and cast light on the origins of the Cosmos.

    Contrary to the contentions of Electric Universe theoreticians, the data suggest that these cosmogonic bodies are sophisticated mechanisms for light emission powered centrally by steam powered engines occurring naturally in the underlying plasma of Feyman corona fields. Their inner workings are more or less similar to that large spidery contraption from the oscar winning film "Wild Wild West" starring Will Smith and Paul Walker. Putting it mildly, these new theories have "taken the piss" out of Electric Universe proponents.

    Four pieces of evidence have converged to bolster the steam powered theory of solar function and the origin of the universe:

    1. Neutrinos have been detected by the Large Higgs Bosom reactor in Washington. When subjected to spectral analysis at Texas Instruments laboratories, it was ascertained to a factor of n to the 66th particular that neutrinos are composed of small, lightweight, negatively charged steam particles (modulated h20).

    The golden hue of the sun is the refraction of light from the moon off of the shiny brass pipes, pistons, valves, motor stems, rotars, and the other mechanical apparati of the solar mechanism.

    Light emitted in the form of high energy moon beams reflects off of the polished, shiny brass of the fast moving steam powered solar engine, and causes a bending of the light through electromagnetic winds and causes the brilliant appearance of the sun.

    1. The electrical universe theory contradicts known aesthetic equations such as the inverse steam law, which law demonstrates that bodies as massive in size and power as the sun must be powered by aesthetically pleasing apparati such as steam engines with whistles, smoke, multi hued coal, and coke accelerants, and of course, steam.

    2. Plasmatic Cosmology necessitates that all systems of energy propagation originate from steam powered mechanisms. The standard big bang model is not wrong, per se, it is simply flawed as to the source of the original energy. Quantum tunneling models from a pre singularity false vacuum state into inflation are introduced temporally as a result of combustion in the underlying water based plasma field, which when charged with ion heat, tend to generate powerful steam jets through the quantum tunnels.

    The pressure when cooled from ionization inevitably emits high powered whistles and there is a marked tendency to cause rapid, jaunty motions in the surrounding brass system of mechanical interludes, and the systemics of the machine has an overall appealing appearance.

    1. Overall elegance.

    It is said in physics that the most elegant theory wins out when the empirical data is neutral. In the case of solar cosmogony and overall cosmogonic marcologic evolution, when weighing the evidence empirically for nuclear fusion, electric, or steam powered sources of solar behavior, we must ultimately prefer the Steampunk universe theory.

    Finally, for overall cosmogonic photogenesis, the elegance and moral qualities of the steam theory are preferable at the present state of overall knowledge, with the only viable competitor being the equine synthesis origin of cosmogony, also known as the steaming bullshit theory.

    Nikola Tesla agrees.

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    @shitshitshit nooo, no. I'm a reasonably informed layperson. Ty

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    Gee, I wonder if anyone understands your satirical work. That's very good albeit obviously completely out of touch with reality. Are you a physicist?

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