Tillerson Views Death of Innocents as Positive Indicator

  • Just when you thought that Washington's upper crust couldn't possibly get any more out of touch, Rex Tillerson obliviously (or maybe not) condones the slow painful death of innocent hungry peasants as a positive indicator that sanctions on North Korea are “working.” These workers are being sent out on what has morbidly and unseemingly been dubbed “ghost ships.”

    Tillerson explains:

    The Japanese… have had over a 100 North Korean fishing boats that have drifted into Japanese waters. Two-thirds of the people on those boats have died…

    The [fishermen] are being sent in the wintertime to fish because there are food shortages. And they are being sent out to fish with inadequate fuel to get back. So we are getting a lot of evidence that these [sanctions] are really starting to hurt.

    When Japan comes to the aid of these ships, the survivors usually ask to be returned to their homeland.

    Tillerson goes on to basically state that the DPRK will use these incidents as a political lever to garner sympathy from the global community. He then assures us that he has spent a lot of time confirming with South Korean Foreign Minister Kang that the DPRK’s diabolical psyop will not be allowed to succeed.

    Tillerson may be overplaying his hand. In his arrogance, he could be overestimating the level of effect the government-media-complex’s fear based propaganda has on the US people. Most people would agree that this situation is not good optics for anyone involved. As far as sanctions “working;” whether Kim Jong Un himself has been forced to skip any meals remains an unknown.

    As per: https://www.rt.com/usa/416354-tillerson-un-sanctions-north-korea/

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