Liberal Celebrities Opt in for Russian Roulette

Recently, with the loss of SpaceX's secret satellite (or was it), the numbers have come out showing that 5% of all space launches fail. The form of travel is obviously much less safe than conventional flying, driving or even riding a unicycle.


Why then are so many celebrities signing up for Richard Branson's Virgin Galatic space flights? I only currently know of the following celebrities planning to take a ride into space straddling a rocket:

Ashton Kutcher
Russell Brand
Justin Bieber and his manager.
Angelina Jolie.
Brad Pitt.
Kate Winslet
Leonardo DiCaprio
Lance Bass

Over 500 people have signed up for this ride so far at a cost of $250,000 per ticket. If the 5% rule works out, maybe this could change the game in Hollywood from now on! We can only place bets. Virgin Galatic is planning launches this year! I can hardly wait.

(This was a test to see if I could spin 2/3 articles together with 100% original wording. I kept it short.)

@dontgive i tend to agree. As our spacesex compatriot mentioned, it could have manoeuvred immediately upon separation, so unless somebody was watching at the then amateur skywatchers won't know when or where to look.

@db-down-under It's up there. Unless we see proof. Payload guys wont talk, Elon says everything went well. Think about it.

The loss of the zuma military payload during final separation is suspicious. Suspicious because spaceX swiftly absolved themselves of any responsibility. Is zuma still up there?

This post is deleted!

I think most of the people that say they would fly would change their mind when it was actually possible.