Donald Trump: Conjurer of Animal Spirits

  • by Dingle

    The entire world is fueled by false hope. If the world hive of individual human consciousnesses were not frequently focusing on an entirely unlikely future course of events, the economy (and then society) would collapse, and the dystopian scenarios in our entertainment would manifest before our very eyes. The Zionist global-Oligarchs are aware of this and exploit it every chance they get. For example, Hip-hop did not start out as a materialistic/violent/drug-fueled movement. It was co-opted by cigar-chomping producers and perverted to project an unrealistic archetype, thus keeping the cogs of consumption (and population control) turning.

    I still continue to hear the narrative that Donald Trump is playing 3d chess, and that he wants to co-opt control from the central bankers and set up a “new” system; how quaint. Even if he wanted to, his hands are tied. The truth is, the government is like the court jester, and you never get to see the king. It serves as a buffer and a smoke screen. All the world’s a stage.

    Furthermore, Donald Trump exalted his brand and lifestyle to the level it’s at through the usurious loose-money-for-cronies system that Alex Jones and many other internet talking heads say he’s “battling.” Would he bite the hand that feeds him? Consider what type of person you are dealing with. Is this a person concerned with the wellbeing of others more than his own personal comfort and interests? Is he using his pulpit to educate Americans on the sound monetary policy that the founding fathers stood for, or is he just making personal attacks at mentally ill liberals?

    In 1991 Trump was overleveraged on the Taj Mahal, and Wilbur Ross (Trump’s current secretary of commerce) and Carl Icahn bailed him out. Wilbur Ross worked for the Rothschilds for 24 years. If you are not familiar with the Rothschilds, most conspiracy theorists posit that the Rothschild dynasty controls the private, secretive, and opaque US Federal Reserve, IMF, and the Bank of International Settlements. Matt Groening (“The Simpsons” creator) literally fashioned Mr. Burns after Jacob Rothschild, though it’s a bit misleading, because Mr. Rothschild is a banker and financier, not an industrialist. If you can print money out of thin air, you are all powerful. It is akin to having the “philosopher’s stone.”

    When royalty or politicians (Tony Blair and Prince Charles in the photos below) come to visit Lord Jacob Rothschild's Waddesdon Manor, he puts them right to work digging and planting a memorial tree while he watches. Consider what this symbolizes.
    0_1515940275352_princecharlesjacob rothschild.png
    0_1515940293127_tony blair jacob rothschild.png

    Donald Trump “sold his soul” long ago and was chosen for the current position, and Hillary Clinton was chosen to make him look good in comparison. Before the election was decided, I thought the roles were actually reversed, but I was thrown for a loop. He was chosen to inject some mojo into the demoralized peasantry, to get them to dig a little deeper, to be a little more productive so they can pay more tithes to their Zionist gods. Hope and Change 2.0. He appeals to the most primitive instincts and dangles the carrot of prosperity ever forward over the cliff. He is squeezing the last drop of juice out of the lemon by sprinkling glitter on the turd. He’s getting Wile E. Coyote to clear a few more feet past the cliff before he looks down and falls. Donald Trump is trying to sell you Zionist wars, abusive loans, false fear, and false hope. Are you buying?

    I concede that the aforementioned statements are merely speculation. I am not psychic and I don’t know what is really going on in Donald Trump’s head. But, I am from NY and I know what New Yorkers are like. Everyone lies and everything is exaggerated. It’s expected. You cannot merge into a lane on a busy street unless you aggressively dip your nose in. It’s expected. If you are not aggressive, then you don’t deserve to merge, because you must not want it that bad. If you don’t exaggerate and put on a show(shoah), then you don’t deserve to elicit the desired response from the person you are jiving to. It’s the culture. I think that might be the biggest problem people are having in recognizing that “the emperor has no clothes.” Middle America, Europeans, and many across the world don’t understand New Yorkers. Donald Trump has had 70 years of practice of lying and exaggerating amongst the very greatest liars and exaggerators in the entire world. It’s possible he is sincere, but please dear reader, realize he could probably trick/hustle/grease/schmooz you if he wanted to.

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    Yet I do so hope you are wrong dinglebutt, or at least partly so.

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    @dingle said in Donald Trump: Conjurer of Animal Spirits:

    When royalty or politicians (Tony Blair and Prince Charles in the photos below) come to visit Lord Jacob Rothschild's Waddesdon Manor, he puts them right to work digging and planting a memorial tree while he watches. Consider what this symbolizes.

    Good one. Make you wonder...