Online dissidence or patsy farming? The case of discord

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    Online dissidence or patsy farming? The case of discord

    All your crap is where you will never be able to control it ever again. Great.

    Ecce homo

    Lemme do the splainin:

    Use of social media or personal communication device as a tool of either resistance, domination, control [1] (sometimes along with plausible deniability thanks to its opacity [2] [3]) or just plain spying [4] [5] is so obvious that any successful company has to fall under some level of control or risk being severely destroyed. [6] [7] [8] [9]

    Don't be surprised. After all reality is still that we are living in a world where unwritten rules and status quo prevail.

    How's the control enforced and are your favorite social media compromised or used against you[10], whereas online communities should be seen as an expression of freedom of gathering? [11] [12] It's equivalent to enquire what is the nerve of the war... Money is the answer. [13] Then reputation and influence peddling come next. [14] [15] [16]

    Remember the old days when Skype was deemed an official security risk, before they changed their encryption mechanism [17] from p2p to centralized and then magically became corporate ready through the Microsoft purchase? That's just one example out of many. [18] [19]

    The most cheerful & obedient liberals, the best in class will soon line up for their reward, namely working for the military industrial complex without any complex on very juicy contracts, making hypocrisy great again. [20] [21] [22] Same as it ever was and ever will.

    It looks just like the American internet giants have implicitly taken over the spot of digital artillery producers in the glorious U.S. M.I.C. [23]

    After all they need that money too. Your money. The most successful businesses enjoy a constant stream of public funding because they would probably lose too much otherwise. Think about how much they waste and/or have to hide. [24] [25] [26]

    And let's not venture into lobbying and revolving doors for now. [27] The state of the affairs is the affair of the state. Or vice versa.

    Baking it in the cake

    Actually it's a soup

    Today, let's concentrate on discord, the uber successful chat service for gamers, which happens to host a host of other communities, not always focused on online gaming. [28] The ransom of success certainly.

    Let's examine who's behind... We'll start with the investors, then the board of directors. Are you buckled up?

    Investors & venture capital

    Available online at:

    • Accel partners [29]

    The second round of funding into Facebook ($US12.7 million) came from venture capital firm Accel Partners. Its manager James Breyer was formerly chairman of the National Venture Capital Association, and served on the board with Gilman Louie, CEO of In-Q-Tel, a venture capital firm established by the Central Intelligence Agency in 1999. One of the company's key areas of expertise are in "data mining technologies".

    • Benchmark capital [30]

    According to's press statements, they are backed by Google Ventures, Bezos Expedition, Allen and Company, Greylock Capital Partners, and Benchmark Capital Partners. All of these firms have ties to the Central Intelligence Agency. None of these ties are secret. Nearly all are published openly by the companies themselves. As a group, these investment companies put their venture capital into tech companies and technologies that the intelligence community wishes to succeed. They profit by doing so.

    • Greylock partners [31]

    Levine and PandoDaily are publicly funded by Greylock Partners, who are senior partners with the [sic] In-Q-Tel, the venture capital wing of the CIA.

    With a market cap of $523 billion, Tencent surpassed Facebook ($522 billion) on Tuesday, joining the ranks of the world's five largest corporations that include Apple, Alphabet, Microsoft, and Amazon. It is also bigger than its Chinese rivals: e-commerce giant Alibaba ($474.15 billion), and web services company Baidu ($82.97 billion).

    [33] :

    We evaluate Tencent's QQ Browser, a popular mobile browser in China with hundreds of millions of users---including 16 million overseas, with respect to the threat model of a man-in-the-middle attacker with state actor capabilities. This is motivated by information in the Snowden revelations suggesting that another Chinese mobile browser, UC Browser, was being used to track users by Western nation-state adversaries. 
    Among the many issues we found in QQ Browser that are presented in this paper, the use of "textbook RSA"---that is, RSA implemented as shown in textbooks, with no padding---is particularly interesting because it affords us the opportunity to contextualize existing research in breaking textbook RSA. We also present a novel attack on QQ Browser's use of textbook RSA that is distinguished from previous research by its simplicity. We emphasize that although QQ Browser's cryptography and our attacks on it are very simple, the impact is serious. Thus, research into how to break very poor cryptography (such as textbook RSA) has both pedagogical value and real-world impact.

    [34] :

    FATBAGMAX = Facebook Amazon Tencent Baidu Alibaba Google Microsoft Apple Xiaomi. This is likely to reduce from 9 to 4, a market leader and a secondary in each of the U.S and China.
    3:58 PM · Feb 1, 2018

    [35] :

    The Chinese government is pushing some of its biggest tech companies—including Tencent, Weibo and a unit of Alibaba—to offer the state a stake in them and a direct role in corporate decisions.

    Welcome to reality

    Did you see a pattern here?

    Board of directors

    Regarding the board of directors, information is harder to find because the company is not yet publicly traded. Online information is scarce and does not come for free:

    Discord, formerly Hammer & Chisel and Phoenix Guild, is an all-in-one voice, video and text chat app designed specifically for gamers. The app is free, secure, and works on both desktop and phone.
    Company (Alive / Active)
    All investors data
    17 Investors
        Abhay Parekh
        Accel Partners
        GC Capital
        General Catalyst
    444 De Haro Street
    San Francisco, 94107
    California, United States
    Board Members
    Name 	Firm
    Login to see details	Spark Capital
    Login to see details	Benchmark
    Login to see details	Studio 9+
    Executives & Employees
    See More
    Jason Citron
    Chief Executive Officer, Founder
    Stanislav Vishnevskiy
    Chief Technology Officer
    Eros Resmini
    Tali Fischer
    Director of PR & Events
    Will Boyer
    Director of Partnerships
    Jared Neal
    QA Lead
    Mike Arndt
    Product Designer
    Sam Schlegel
    Growth Analyst
    Justin Ta
    Customer Experience
    Danny Duong
    Customer Experience
    Board of Directors
    Mitchell Lasky
    First Investor in Riot Games at Discord, Inc.
    Allison Goldberg
    Group Managing Director & Senior Vice President at Time Warner Investments

    So we managed to harvest 3 company names and 2 individuals from the board. We shouldn't be too far from the truth:

    • Spark Capital [39]

    Who invests: Financing for the round was led by Spark Capital and General Catalyst with participation from existing seed and Series A investors including former director of the CIA General David Petraeus. New participants include Jeff Bezos, Ashton Kutcher’s Sound Ventures and Goldman Sachs. Existing investors Lowercase Capital, SV Angel and the Govtech Fund also returned.

    • Benchmark :
      Already seen above. Has CIA written all over it.

    • Studio 9+
      Nowhere to be found.

    • Allison Goldberg [40]

    Career History
    Managing Director/Sr VPTime Warner Investments, 1/2017-PRESENT
    VP/Managing DirectorTime Warner Investments, UNKNOWN-1/2017
    Time Warner Investments, 2001-UNKNOWN
    • Mitchell Lasky [41]

    Mr. Mitchell H. Lasky, also known as Mitch, J.D., serves as a General Partner and Partner of Benchmark, Benchmark Capital VI, L.P. and Benchmark Capital VII, L.P. Mr. Lasky joined Benchmark in 2007. He is employed at Benchmark Capital Partners VIII, L.P. He served as an Executive Vice President of EA Mobile at Electronic Arts Inc. from September 2006 to April 2, 2007 and its Senior Vice President of EA Mobile from February 2006 to September 2006. Previously, Mr. Lasky ...

    So many cross references with alphabet soup agencies, spooks, crooks and other governmental bodies that it makes one wonder. Not.

    It's like horse races, once you know the team behind the stallion, you know the dirty tricks. Need I elaborate further?

    Day dreaming

    To summarize everything in 2 or 3 simple words:

    • Online gaming chat <-> CIA

    or, to put it in another perspective:

    • CIA <-> Online gaming chat

    How does your EEG performs today? Need caffeine with that?

    There is no such thing as a free beer, lunch, social network, chat service, mobile phone, etc. Forget it. The price for such things is to be expressed in non monetary terms, namely your freedom of speech, and maybe soon your freedom of thought, before your blood, organs or even your first born.

    So the powers that be use your money to herd you and exert influence & better control out of you, don't act surprised you knew it from your the get go. How could they rule otherwise than by being the ultimate parasitic of species?

    Left unsaid is whether membership in this kind of conspiracy is enabled by belonging to the same community, be it ideological or faith based. In any case it's a big club and you're certainly not in it. Sorry.

    The future is bright [42]. After reading your mind like an open book, the only remaining thing left will be to write whatever garbage narrative du jour we want there. Who doesn't love that free shit entitlement feeling?

    But wait, isn't it what television and medias were already supposed to do? -One must think this was not efficient enough. Oh well...

    Here is your new online landlord.

    Have a nice day!