Contents of the "Secret Republican Memo" leaked?

  • I picked this up from a Facebook post. I'm just copying and pasting basically verbatim. I don't know if this is true or not but it makes for interesting fiction if anything. Also, keep in mind this is an RNC produced memo. Politics, anyone?

    From a different angle, is this why Trump made so many references to MS-13 in his SOTU last night?


    BREAKING: This is basically what's in the #Memo. #Qanon #Q Truly a Coup d'etat--an internal coup!

    [DNC Breach/Dossier]:

    1. DNC Server Breached.
    2. DNC Server copied onto USB and passed onto WikiLeaks.
    3. Barack Obama, DNI James Clapper, CIA Director John Brennan, and 12 other assets/organizations utilized Google, via CrowdStrike to "assess" DNC Server to find "russian" fingerprints. You know what that means. To hack it and make it look like Russia did it. And they made an example of Seth Rich, and had him murdered by 2 MS-13 Members, and then Obama CIA Killed those members, to maintain the pre-conceived narrative of Russian Hacking. Seth Rich, was still alive when he arrived at the Hospital, but was murdered/killed by the 2 MS-13 Members at the Hospital!
    4. Debbie Wassermann-Schultz directed the murder of Seth Rich. To maintain a narrative, free from any suspicion, DOJ; via the FBI, coerced/assisted DC Metro Police, to conclude that the murder was a botched robbery.
    5. Debbie Wassermann Schultz found out about Seth Rich Investigation, and stopped it; in early 2016.
    6. McCabe/Strzok/Page in McCabe's office talk about "Insurance Policy" to discuss stopping President Trump from being elected.
    7. Then, Andy McCabe, Peter Strzok, and Lisa Page met offsite to discuss the dossier/related fisa warrants/spying/wiretapping to be a contingency if word got out that Russia did not hack the DNC, and to determine the path of influence w/ DC Metro in the Seth Rich murder, possibly also discussing/making murder arrangements.
    8. Obama, Crooked Hillary, Loretta Lynch, James Comey, Andy McCabe, Peter Strzok all Conspired, coordinated, and facilitated the Dossier through Obama and Hillary, who then directed Loretta Lynch, who then directed James Comey (note all of comey "saving-america~like tweets lately) who directed Andy McCabe, who directed Peter Strzok.
    9. Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Jeff Flake, Dianne Feinstein, Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, Kamala Harris, and John McCain, used "British Intelligence" to get "Russian Dirt" for Dossier. British Intelligence directed Hillary Clinton, The DNC, and Senators above to pay Christopher Steele (via Perkins Coie[Fusion GPS Law Firm]/Fusion GPS), arranged by John Podesta.
    10. Eric Holder provided Russian sources with certain key elements to include in their backfeed/reports to Christopher Steele--that evolved as need to fit FISA Warrant Requests.
    11. Dossier then made it's way into the hands of Lindsey Graham, John McCain and Chuck Schumer, Harry Reid, Reporters/Media Outlets, and 9 others still classified.
    12. John McCain gave the Dossier to James Comey.
    13. James Comey gave Dossier to Loretta Lynch.
    14. Loretta Lynch, then briefed President Obama on it, in the Presidential Daily Briefing.
    15. Lindsey Graham Pitched all Mainstream Media and #FakeNews Media on Dossier for Months, who sat on the story, because sources could not be confirmed.
    16. Comey/McCabe/Strzok then made a 2nd attempt at a FISA request to new Judge Rudolph Contreras, modified from the original request, which was approved. Remember, Contreras is the same Judge who recused himself from the Michael Flynn case.
    17. Buzzfeed published Dossier News Story.
    18. This starts the entire #Fake #WitchHunt Russia Collusion Narrative.
    19. Russia Collusion Accusations along with #False Scandalous Accusations against President Trump.
    20. Staged setup of the prevention of winning/removal of President Trump.
    21. The Warrant allows the entire US Intelligence Community to spy on Candidate/President-elect Trump, his Staffers, his Field Staff, his Volunteers, Republican Congress, Republican Senate, and all Trump-Friendly News Outlets, including their Management, Hosts/Anchors, Office Staff, Crew, Producers, etc.
      Now tell me, how is this not worse than Watergate! This is 1,000x worse! This is a Sitting Congresswoman arranging the murder of one of her party's staffers!

    P.S. Fuck Mark Zuckerturd. -chumba

  • @chumba I seem to remember Obama saying he wanted a civillian army, It seems to me he has assembled one. I wonder how big his army is ?

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    No. Clintons will never got to jail. That's a simple pessimistic view on my part.

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    @chumba 22. Will it change anything to the current slippery slope on which your beloved country is? -I doubt it.
    Bonus: bastardos is not dead yet: