QAnon: DeepState Dead Cat Bounce

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Q Anon has warned us about a dead cat bounce for the DeepState. A last echo of desperation that doesn't rise to the level of the false flags in Las Vegas and Florida. I am guessing you can sum up the dead cat bounce in two headlines from Zerohedge:



Theresa May blaming Russia for a new litany of things that MI6 probably did, it probably the more effective of the two. Besides this, you have Stormy Daniels, and that is about it. Mueller is clearly fizzling. All in all, the Deepstate is on their heels.

Obvious psyop is obvious.

@shitshitshit natxlaw CONTRIBUTOR less than a minute ago
I checked that site out, they use themselves as a source. Q never quoted Sorcha, or said Merkel was Hitler's daughter, he just asks questions.

If something is true, you can bet the CIA will pay their least reliable controlled sources to agree with it while preaching flat earth at the same time.

This post is deleted!

@natxlaw the very same Q is sometimes so full of it that he uses Sorcha Faal as a legit source:

That tells a lot about the verification and validation work ahead.

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