PornHub Traffic Climax - After Hawaii's Nuclear Scare

Hawaii's traffic stats for PornHub crashed during the Nuclear scare, only to explode after right after realizing it was a false alarm.


Perhaps everyone had to blow off some "steam" after a tense moment.


@axenolith said in PornHub Traffic Climax - After Hawaii's Nuclear Scare:

either way you’re going blind

At least you die with a semi-happy ending.

Actinic flash or fuzzy palms, either way you’re going blind...

it was a full hour for concern to subside over such things as annihilated family members and communities, global conflict, one's place in this strange world and why we are even here. come to think of it, i've been thinking about those things for two minutes while composing this post. what the hell?? tell me a good porn site.

I wonder what the liquor store looked like - Probably similar to the chaos at the trading floor the NYSE.