Victoria Nuland Now Working for Soros and Co as CEO of Center for a New American Security

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    Victoria "Nudelman" Nuland has been spotted working for Soros and Co in a new role as CEO of what is in all likelihood yet another neocon propaganda incubator, the Center for a New American Security. The name alone sounds (probably not unintentionally) eerily reminiscent of the Project for a New American Century, which formulated the neocon master plan in the late 1990s. She's been working with the Kagan Clan for most of her career in various capacities, helping to spread the seeds of pure organic Democracy across the globe.


    Generally, anywhere Nuland shows up, a "color revolution" kicks off shortly afterwards somewhere around the world. The betting pool is in the comments: successfully guessing the next country and the color that will be selected for its all-natural non-GMO revolution gets the glory of being correct and the glowing adulation of their peers that comes along with it.


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    @dontgive if we needed one more indication that Soros is nearing the end of his mortal life and has to ready himself to have his soul taken by Satan, this is it. May he burn in Hell. Forever.

    That the gargoyle who got us used to his shady behind the scenes deals and shenanigans suddenly hires recycles a CIA revolutionary extraordinaire like this fat whore whose tactics are beginning to be too well known for her own good demonstrates he's got not much more time on this planet, and I think it will be hard to find anyone who disagrees with the idea this is a good thing.

    Moreover, that he still does all of the important "work" of his "foundation" instead of putting his son in the limelight is a testimony to the kind of brainless chump this mafia don heir is. Maybe the role of this double agenda caseworker Nuland will be to constantly coach his offspring and use him like a sock puppet to extract his wealth while daddy rots under the bonnet of his sumptuous casket. Some call it babysitting. But after 20 years old this is more akin to psychiatric ward worker, though.

    It is a good sign to see that destiny is catching up with the entire lineage of this filth. I can't wait to see with my own eyes the burial of this rotting carcass and the rise of his useless son. What will follow will announce the end of the house of Soros. Watch him squander the ill gotten billions of his father in useless gesticulations and die impotent and ignored. Irrelevance. It's not going to be our tragedy, and there will be our reward.

    History will wipe them out clean like with a cloth. It's hard to have sold your soul for nothing, isn't it mister Soros?

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    iran? woopsie. let me try again.

    i guess they'd like to get poland. colour: chocolate chip cookie

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    @dontgive is that name anything but a nod to project for a new american century? come on. seriously.