Do the “Proles” Deserve “Big Brother?”

  • by Dingle

    In other words: do we deserve our “Overlords?” Some people (who have only just mildly researched occultism and conspiracies from cheesey clickbait youtube videos) might refer to what I refer to as the “Overlords” as the “Illuminati,” but that term is usually employed as a misnomer and a confusing use of terminology (perhaps intentionally bestowed upon us by our media masters). Adam Weishaupt’s Illuminati was a very real clandestine organization, and there is interesting evidence that it had political influence that helped spark and carry out the French revolution. They most likely had some sort of subversive influence on monarchies, because they were persecuted and banned. For these purposes I will use the word “Overlords” to replace the misused term “Illuminati,” in referring to the globalist bankster/technocrat big-brother oligarchs that work in collusion to control almost all governments and lending institutions, and keep the underclass ignorant/subjugated (through debt-slavery).

    A couple years ago I had a dream (don’t worry, this is not some wishy-washy pseudo-intellectual dream interpretation thing) that I was at a long fancy table with Jared Kushner. He told me he descended from the ancient ruling bloodlines (and no, it doesn’t have to be reptilians, thanks a lot for muddying the waters, Mr. David Icke) going back thousands of years. He said I had it all wrong, that his family was providing monetary and social stability, and that it was a dirty job but someone had to do it.

    Is there some truth to what Kushner said in my dream? Almost all things are not black and white, but shades of grey, so there is probably at least partial truth to what he said. And also, do the negatives outweigh the positives or visa-versa? If you fall down and break your leg on the sidewalk, an ambulance will help you, even if you don’t have health insurance. If you hear someone breaking into your house downstairs, you can call the police, and they will come (though it could very well be too late at that point). Society affords us these things. There are also many negatives that one could spend ten lifetimes analyzing. The widening income disparity gap and cultural rot in American culture is apparent to anyone with one sliver of courage and a few functioning brain cells. These negatives are arguably bestowed upon us from our bankster/media/technocrat Overlords to keep us ignorant and docile. Some conspiracy theorists argue the entire world runs off of a secret ritualistic rape and murder blackmail power structure (I'm not sure if it's true, but things could definitely theoretically function like that). If “the system” broke down, would we all start eating each other, or would we work together to form a more peaceful, healthy, and natural society? Again, the answer would be a complex multi-dimension grey, and it might be impossible to predict if the net effect would be negative or positive.

    Often times, I simulate in my head how conversations might play out, perhaps to prepare for them if they might occur in the future. I imagine what one of our Overlords might say if I told them they were doing a poor job at managing humanity (or the “herd,” as they probably think of it as). They might say, “Managing 7 billion greedy and savage high IQ apes is not so easy! You have to break some eggs to make this omelet. I’d like to see how you would do!” This commentary might be partially justified.

    The conclusion to these questions is that no, we don’t deserve our Overlords, and it’s because of how children are treated. Children are abused, brainwashed, and traumatized from birth. As soon as we are born we are slapped, and the umbilical cord is immediately cut. This is not how birth occurs in nature. What a jolting way to come into the world; a premonition of things to come! Circumcision is also a traumatizing, barbaric, and perverted ritual of genital mutilation. Children are indoctrinated in schools with #fakenews and fake history. The Zionist controlled media distorts their values, and gender and sexuality perception/identity. There are many rumors of child sex trafficking in politics and pedophilic casting couches in the government-media-complex. I honestly believe it gets as demented and debauched as your imagination can possibly fathom.

    If children are not given a chance to develop normally and make natural clear-headed decisions, how can the cruelness and lies from the Overlords be justified? The answer: it cannot. I believe in karma, and I have reason to believe our Overlords believe in karma; it’s just that they are so blinded by arrogance that they think their karma is actually balancing out. It’d be silly to think these words will ever reach them, but here’s a free tip for them: It’s not balancing out, not even close.

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    @dingle said in Do the “Proles” Deserve “Big Brother?”:

    As soon as we are born we are slapped, and the umbilical cord is immediately cut.

    Then some dude comes along and mutilates your dick.