Internet Bill of Rights - Why we need it.

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    Do we need an Internet Bill of Rights(IBOR)? Why do we need an IBOR, when we already have a Bill of Rights?

    In response to the rampant censorship by the big tech social media firms, Facebook, Google, Twitter, YouTube, calls for protections are arising from various entities. Some framework of digital rights protections is necessary in view of the centralized nature of certain facets and tools of the internet to prevent undue influence by those in power over the population.

    While the above mentioned companies are private entities, in theory, the fact is that they have benefited immensely from public funds. Google is the prime example of this. Their best tools utilize DARPA technologies that were developed with billions of taxpayer dollars. The only investor that took any interest in Google at the beginning were CIA fronts that wanted to use their unmonetized search platform to study what people were searching.
    Facebook is virtual "Sugar Mountain" to the intelligence agencies, where users stroke their own egos by telling the world everything the spooks could ever want to know about you for nothing.
    The strongest argument for an Internet Bill of Rights is that the main platforms for internet communication, including the internet itself, were developed with public funds. Private entities that wish to censor free speech simply have no reasonable theory of trespass against those they wish to censor on a platform the public paid for.

    Why private contracts fail
    Private contracts will not protect the public from abuse by these services, because the public does not and never will read their terms of service. Even if they did, the companies can change these at any time. The free market cannot protect the public from the current power structure, because a free market does not exist. Any company that arises to overcome a Fascist juggernaut like Facebook, can be purchased by the commercial banks with money printed by the central banks. Even if that were impossible, the central banks could eventually go after the Domain Name Services, and other routing structures. If you think this is impossible, search "the great firewall of China" in duckduckgo. The people who want to censor do not care if they lose money, they can print money. Private contracts cannot prevent censorship when there is no free market.

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