Britain Instates Loneliness Minister

  • Is this reality, or a dystopian satire a la Idiocracy ? Britain instates a loneliness minister to combat the issue for senior citizens. Can .gov solve loneliness? What does this say about the breakdown of family and communities in the modern age?

    Tracey Crouch - Loneliness Minister

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    @dingle Don't forget that newspeak is nothing but the awkward art of calling things the exact opposite of what they are to confuse the cattle and intimidate the sheeple. Consequently, behold the new proxy ministry of euthanasia, underlining the governmental diversity industry at its finest. Up next the new ministry of soilent green, to dispose of the evidence.

    I hope she starts he jolly good role by tackling the loneliness of her madam queen and her constant sorrows for having butchered her pregnant daughter in law a few years back.

    Did you look for this gal's credentials? On which ground was she selected? Was Weinstein involved in the choice? I personally doubt it because this heavy certified football coach for girls has got ugly horse like teeth, fat implants and no breasts. And don't get me started on her boring life. But one never knows the convoluted path some have chosen to follow to come to prominence.

    To conclude, thank you very much for one of the most insignificant news of the year, which will probably win the great contest hands down if anyone still remembers it by end of the year. I think I'm going to drink a liter or 2 of vodka to forget this. Good night pal.