"Holocaust" Revisionist "Nazi Grandma" (age 89) Loses Appeal - Sentenced to 14 months in Prison

  •    There have been many atrocities throughout history, but the events that took place at the NAZI concentration camps seem to be a no fly zone for discussion. In the USA, unlike Germany, this type of commentary is technically protected by free speech, but one can expect to suffer consequences such as intimidation, lawsuits, and financial/professional blacklisting and ruin. If you listen to Ursula Haverbeck speak, she is quite lucid in her elder years. It is fairly apparent she is martyring herself for what she believes to be the truth, and for the honor and dignity of her people. TPTB are so intimidated by the words coming out of an EIGHTY-NINE year old woman's mouth, they feel the need to shutter her up behind bars. What does that tell us?


    As per: http://thefreethoughtproject.com/89-year-old-nazi-grandma-prison-speech/

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    @dingle Ursula is a hell of a tough woman. She is a true martyr to the German race rehabilitation cause and will be remembered for her great personal sacrifice long after she has left this world.

    On the other hand, the judges who condemned her have stained their names in such a way that their families will be ashamed of themselves for the generations to come.

    This is karma.

    Justice will be complete.

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    History won't be kind to the upper crust of USSA today.