Into the Google rathole: the new cool face of tyranny.

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    Into the Google rathole: the new cool face of tyranny

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    Know your history: Google has been a military-intel contractor from the very beginning

    From Mar 06, 2018

    [...]But the fact that Google helps the military build more efficient systems of surveillance and death shouldn't be surprising, especially not to Google employees. The truth is that Google has spent the last 15 years selling souped-up versions of its information technology to military and intelligence agencies, local police departments, and military contractors of all size and specialization — including outfits that sell predictive policing tech deployed in cities across America today.[...]

    I am still amazed nobody did the basic due diligence in such case:

    1- login on the U.S. patents office database

    2- list all the patents owned by the NSA, along with their licensing program (!)
    Hints: [1] [2] [3] [4]

    3- compare with all the Google technologies when it was a startup.

    4- look at their financial statements from year 1 onward

    What does it tell?

    1- a considerable part of these NSA patented technologies were adopted by Google from the onset. Pact with the devil?

    2- evasive patent licensing expenses seem to appear in their early financial statements (2002-2005):

    Could it be that they licensed these NSA patents?

    3- from these seminal first financial statements, look at the financial income which was already surrealistic, 94-97% online advertising amounting to $Bs in these early years. Was there such market back on these days?
    Was it (and is it still) at least a partially disguised payback?

    4- There is also revenue coming from the licensing of their search engine to undisclosed clients. We will of course never know who were these wealthy clients, neither will we ever know if they also licensed their databases together with their search engine (as this may be bundled)... It is only now that this information takes another meaning: what if these licensing clients were (and still are) intelligence agencies?

    5- The icing on the cake: Google spies on its employees to ensure high levels of secrecy: [5] [6]
    Of course a reputable business like theirs has got nothing to hide right?


    What happened to that old "do no evil" and cool Lego bricks and diversity crap and free shit for fattening gender neutered employees thing?

    this happy goggler knows

    We can suppose that goggle (and possibly other big internet companies like Facebook, Amazon, etc.) license NSA patents by the boatload and then license back their "search engines" (with their databases) to them. In other terms they are intelligence agencies facades which propose is to recruit international talents abroad without letting them know what is the ultimate purpose of their work. Need to know basis only... Which explains the surveillance.

    The plausible deniability excuse for these cool internet companies comes from the fact that they do not explicitly allow the NSA inside their networks. They'd rather let their networks be tapped through their providers to repatriate it in their own datacenter and nobody in the audience sees anything, but they get their advertising revenues fair and square. Even a hummingbird couldn't catch Tyler at work.

    Now this is a cool way of having people from enemy countries to work against their motherland without even knowing, under the guise of diversity. And you can also exploit their own social networks like in Egypt if you remember.

    This also compensates for the lack of intelligence in the USA given the totally dumbed down educational system.
    What could be better?


    Let's get started about why would a super top secret agency like the NSA patent anything secret which would defeat the idea of secrecy. It apparently evades me but this is maybe part of the cornucopia of official agencies compliance bullshit or whatever. Anyway the rest of the world's intelligence agencies must be laughing their asses off when looking at the NSA projects through the USPTO keyhole. Unless of course they also play this little patent game too. After all what's needed nowadays is capacity to deal with information and for this you need to delegate basic tasks to qualified personal.

    So this is what all of these cool start-ups are: sweat shops for the intelligence agencies. They are mandated to develop around NSA patents, which reduces the lead time for them to get their new spying toys ready.
    In exchange for some business which will guarantee a comfortable income stream, one has to sell his soul to the MIC.

    Always look at Google (Facebook, Amazon etc.) innovations as of they were designed by and for the NSA. This will rationalize a lot of things.

    And this only points to one thing: the USA are in a race to war and are accelerating the pace to leave everyone behind. Probably because the economic situation is getting really desperate for the dollar and also because they can't cut Europe from Asia any longer.

    For this they need the brains of the nations they are about to attack and their information. Remember this is officially cyber war but the truth is more informational than cyber. It is about demoralizing and subverting the rest of the world.

    In other terms the USA don't want to get back to the status of actor in the world without giving a fight. A bloody one.

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    Because answering in kind to this tactic bears an incredible cost, asymmetrical options are better and much more cost effective:

    1- poison the information, create fake accounts with fake info related to fake social networks (Facebook, troll armies) or infiltrate the internet power houses with your agents now openly and warmly accepted due to anti discrimination laws.
    There you get a glimpse as to why the international debate is so heated against Putin's troll armies. It does much more damage than officially told because it probably destroys data quality in a way that neutralizes the whole operation.

    2- create competing press and media channels (RT, Yandex, etc.)
    This is why RT was forced to register as a foreign agent. But it's too late anyway because it has already reached the status of highly credible media, and nobody trusts occidental medias anyway. So the job is complete and the audience will remain faithful no matter what.

    3- map all the abetting capabilities of the enemy in order to swiftly destroy them and their telecommunication networks in case of crisis (EMP and other sleeping viruses)

    4- ensure homogeneity and solidarity of the population (I.e.: do not fall for the diversity and immigration bullshit)

    5- get a real army ready to act with an updated arsenal.

    And who in the world has already prepared this?