Linus Says Intel is Pushing Garbage Patches to Linux Kernel

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    Linus wrote yesterday that Intel is pushing shit patches for unclear reasons in response to their hardware flaws.

    We do need the IBPB feature to complete the protection that retpoline
    gives us â [sic] it's that or rebuild all of userspace with retpoline.
    Have you looked at the patches you are talking about? You should
    have - several of them bear your name.
    The patches do things like add the garbage MSR writes to the kernel
    entry/exit points. That's insane. That says "we're trying to protect
    the kernel". We already have retpoline there, with less overhead.
    So somebody isn't telling the truth here. Somebody is pushing complete
    garbage for unclear reasons. Sorry for having to point that out.

    My guess is either the engineers are incompetent, or they are adding "features".

    As it is, the patches are COMPLETE AND UTTER GARBAGE.

    Linus has always been a straight shooter, even telling NVIDIA "fuck you" at a conference a few years back.


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    @dontgive listen to Linus. This fine character is always right not to give into politically correctness. He's got real work to do for God's sake.
    Fuck intel, the company that whored itself to death.