President Trump to CONgressman Schumer: No wall, no DACA

  • President Trump maintained in a tweet on Tuesday that there will be no deal to continue funding the government when the stopgap bill expires on February 8th. Trump stated, "We need the wall for security, we need the wall for safety, we need the wall for stopping the drugs from pouring in."

    A "wall" can mean many varied things, and it's yet to be seen if the President is using "truthful hyperbole" in referring to a "wall." It is questionable whether a wall would actually positively impact the current opioid epidemic sweeping the nation. Drugs can be brought over a wall via drones and catapults. If the Federal Government would respect states’ constitutional rights with respect to marijuana, the enrichment of raping/murdering Mexican cartel smugglers would be significantly curtailed.

    It is also worth noting that such an endeavor will take years (knowing government, maybe decades), and President Trump could very well be out of office before the wall is finished. Allocating funding for upkeep of “the wall” in an era of 20 trillion+ national debt might be difficult. If a leftist President and Congress were in power, they might spend more to take it down than was spent to put it up.

    If the southern border is a safety and security issue, perhaps the military should be withdrawn from its various imperialist endeavors (including guarding afghan poppy fields) and be deployed there. This notion is outside the predetermined frame of the debate. Another day, another gaslighting from President Trump.

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    @dingle said in President Trump to CONgressman Schumer: No wall, no DACA:

    Drugs can be brought over a wall via drones and catapults.

    Don't forget tunnels:
    Mexico Drug Tunnels

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