The "Anti-Trump" "Secret Society" NothingBurger

  • Rep. Ron Johnson (R-WI) is stating there is/was some kind of "anti-trump" influential "secret society." While the MSM and alternative media outlets are trying to portray this as a some kind of bombshell (for their own profit), Newt Gingrich already talked about this on FOX years ago.

    Is it possible Newt Gingrich, a slimy opportunist politician, is only giving half-truths? Is it possible this whole #releasethememo thing is an elaborate kabuki theater psyop to make President Trump appear legitimate and uncompromised, when he is in fact illegitimate and compromised (though it's not by Russia, it's by the Likud and the Chabad)? Keep in mind, anything the MSM gives attention to has an agenda behind it. Congressmen say a lot of things all the time, but the microscope is on this issue at this particular time (probably for a reason.)

    We already have a secret society running the country (or they at least have a balloon filled with poisonous gas above the country, threatening to pop it if they don't get their way): The Federal Reserve Bank.

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  • HA! What happened with this. Ridiculous.
    The chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee acknowledged Thursday that a reference made between two FBI employees of a "secret society" could have been said in jest as opposed to evidence of an anti-Donald Trump plot.