"Anti-Trump": Dangerous Terminology

  • There’s a certain terminology being thrown around in the main-stream-media and even the alternative media as of late: “anti-Trump.” Everyone who has anything critical to say about his policies is immediately thrown into another “basket of deplorables.”

    I don’t appreciate being glopped into a grouping with brainwashed liberals. I have spent way too much time researching and meditating on said research, and I have been through trials and tribulations in life that have increased my mental strength, that I might resist the propaganda that saturates the country. More respect is deserved than that. The over-simplistic category marginalizes me when in fact I could be a good ally. It’s a lose/lose situation. Please read my article on ‘Divide and Conquer.’

    Let me be clear, I am not “anti-trump.” I am anti-Statist, anti ever growing giant-borg government that requires perpetual increases in funding, anti fiscal irresponsibility, anti tariffs that will just hurt the middle-class, anti-imperialist, anti Military-Industrial-Complex, anti lying about Assad, anti-Keynesian, anti-Zionist, anti-fiat, anti-Fed (Gary Cohn said the Fed was doing a good job, and Trump respected the Fed), and anti Goldman Sachs.

    I am anti big hairy dudes in dresses peeing next to 5 year old girls (yes, he’s been on that side of the transsexual bathroom debate/wedge issue), anti trash television, anti-obesity, anti-womanizing, and anti-materialism. I am by no means perfect, but I certainly do not wallow in nor gain riches from projecting spiritually-bereft rubbish.

    I have embraced those principles since before President Trump got into politics, and I will still embrace them when he is out of politics. If President Trump happens to stumble into or be forced/coerced into adopting those policies, he should get categorized as “anti-Dingle.” I shouldn’t get categorized as “anti-Trump.”

    This type of language is very dangerous. Language is powerful. Consider if a false flag (or even real) event was attempted by a person or group claiming to specifically be “anti-Trump,” after the term has been reinforced over many months or years. In the simplistic minds of the sheeple, they will equate any critical analysis of the Trump Administration with blowing up babies (or yikes, maybe even gassing them and throwing them out of incubators!) There could even be a fascistic and martial-law type of crackdown on free speech.

    Super Mario: "You can't arrest a guy for just singing a song!"
    Dinohatten Cop: "For singing 'anti-Koopa' songs we can!"


    Consider how the meaning of the term could get washed-out, as Trump’s policies possibly mutate over time (much how worshiping a flag is dumb, because what a flag means can change over time). A current Trump supporter might help load others into the proverbial “anti-Trump” pen, and then boom, President Trump throws you a policy curveball; but you’ve already created the divisions between you and your countrymen. At the very least it will marginalize, quash, and drown out much critical thinking and logical analysis on specific important issues.

    So, the next time someone tries to call me anti-trump, I will tell them “I’m not anti Trump, I’m antipasto.”

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    @chumba neither am I

  • @shitshitshit Uhhh, I think you read this with a typical left-right minion in mind, whereas dinglebutt makes it clear he is neither. None of us who contribute here are in or of that fray. We may observe it, comment on it, heap scorn upon it, or take a big massive diarrhea all over it, but we. are. never. in. or. of. it.

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    @dingle you are prisoner of a false debate in a false narrative. Everything is fake in Amerika: fake food, fake water, fake friends, fake medicine, fake boobs, fake noses, fake bodies, fake properties, fake money, fake opinions, fake Americanos, fake role models, fake values, fake news, fake wars, fake reality, etc. Everything is fake and toxic. You better think of what isn't fake, you will lose less time.

    But oppression is real And present. Every time I set foot in Amerika because I have to I only think of the second when I will get out of this Soviet style banana republic, alive and free if possible. This country disgusts me. I even venture to say that this country disgusts the whole world, the entire planet, the known and unknown universe and maybe God himself.

    This is a true modern ages Sodom and Gomorrah, and you are true slaves because the only thing that matters to your ruthless masters is divide and conquer for fake profits, because it's with your money so why care?... It's all about controlling the masses and making them obedient.

    Hence these fake debates. Terminology is but a distraction to prevent slaves from seeing the naked truth. That you didn't understand how fake these words are is beyond me. But trust me you'll get used to detect these in the future.

    This country could have been so much better, but you've been infected by the human plague that rots everything it touches. Fake Midas indeed.

    The only way to see clearer is to get out of this system. I'm not surprised it is forbidden to go off of the power grid.

    The future will be grim; because of fakery people will become demoralized and population will decline, making the economy tank and crash until the decline is complete. Look at what the Bolsheviks did to holy mother Russia to understand.

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