Pedo-Island on Fire (Literally)

Oops. Go figure. Hope Epstien had good property insurance...


The cause of the fire is unknown, but some are speculating it may have started as the result of a relatively small 4.9 magnitude earthquake that struck yesterday just off the coast


@woodman indeed this looks more consistent than a hit job. Imagine all the young pubic hair and map on handkerchiefs that could be found in that underground torture chamber...
Clinton in the Lolita express
I hope they dissolved the little cadavers in sulfuric acid or threw the bones in the ocean because fire is not a really adequate way of getting rid of them...
Also this is a tropical island, everything will grow up again in under 3 or 4 years time. Really not a big deal, and actually saves a lot of gardening fees and makes land more fertile.

Now where is the landing strip on that island? If one can get there by plane, where do those planes land?
EDIT: the closest airport is Charlotte Amalie island, chopper to the island, there's a chopper pad there.
So it means they cannot fly anonymously. Maybe some chopper pilots are going to be arkancided soon...

Hope someone is trying to take him out, he basically bought his way out of a life sentence.

He's pulling a Clinton, getting rid of the evidence since they took down

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