My Letter to The President.

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    Dear Mr. President,

    I voted for you to drain the swamp, but it seems like it's not going so well lately. It seems like, although I cannot tell you 100% yet, that you are falling for the old neoconservative war game.

    The recent events (past year) in Syria and with Russia seems to have been retaliation without actually proving that Russia or Syria's Assad actually did the deed. (Or did the event actually happen?) I would request you take a moment and let the investigation into what happened complete, by as neutral of a team as possible.

    Throughout History, our wars are triggered by events than later on were proven to be staged or allowed to happen.

    WW1: The sinking of the Lusitania seems like the start, although even reading on Wikipedia, you'll see there was some provocation by the British to make sure it was sunk, getting the US into the war. (

    WW2: Not enough evidence to show much about that. Also the Balfour Agreement could have had an effect.

    Vietnam War: The Gulf of Tonkin incident was declassified in 2005 to show we were not attacked, and the war was based on that. (

    Iraq War: That should be obvious, there were no babies pulled out of incubators, no weapons of mass destruction, it was all a farce.

    Afghanistan: Soldiers guarding poppy fields to make Heroin, now we have a Heroin epidemic in the USA. (No link needed.)

    Skripal: UK investigator says no evidence of Chemical Weapons. (This is an ongoing investigation, but the story keeps changing. It doesn't look like a Russian attack. No motive.)

    I could go on, but I will pass. There is a pattern of getting into wars by deception. We don't need another war, let us fight the battle at home. Our biggest problem is the Federal Reserve Bank. Lending money out of thin air, and charging interest on it. But I won't go into detail on that. I would just request that you take a little time, when you get your morning briefing, to get solid evidence of "the crimes" presented to you. Don't trust anyone, politicians seek power. The position is highly attractive to psychopaths and narcissists. I'm not concerned about you, I'm concerned that your advisers are fabricating evidence, which they have done before.



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