Israel Slams Poland's "Holocaust" "Revisionist" Bill

  • Perhaps one outermost layer of the "onion of truth" was peeled back this week. A bill was passed Friday in Poland's right-wing dominated lower house of parliement that would criminalize the act of blaming poles for "holocaust" crimes. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu strongly opposes the bill and summoned the Polish Ambassador claiming:

    "history cannot be re-written."
    "The Holocaust cannot be denied..."

    The bill would make it illegal to refer to Auswitz and the other concentration camps in Poland as "Polish Death Camps." The punishment could be up to three years in prison. The language has been banned by some major news organizations.

    Isreal's Yesh Atid Party Chairman Yair Lapid stated:

    "I strongly condemn the new law that was passed in Poland, which attempts to deny the involvement of many Polish citizens in the Holocaust"
    “No Polish law will change history, Poland was complicit in the Holocaust. Hundreds of thousands of Jews were murdered on its soil without them having met any German officer.”

    Poland's Embassy Responded:

    “unsupportable claims show how badly Holocaust education is needed, even here in Israel.”

    To which Lapid fired back:

    “I am a son of a Holocaust survivor. My grandmother was murdered in Poland by Germans and Poles. I don’t need Holocaust education from you. We live with the consequences every day in our collective memory. Your embassy should offer an immediate apology.”

    It is to note that memories are scientifically proven to be very fallible, especially "collective" memories.

    Israeli President Reuven Rivlin states:

    “The Jewish people, the State of Israel, and the entire world must ensure that the Holocaust is recognized for its horrors and atrocities,”
    “Also among the Polish people, there were those who aided the Nazis in their crimes. Every crime, every offense, must be condemned. They must be examined and revealed.”

    It is also to note that beginning is 2014, Poland pays monthly pensions to "Holocaust" survivor Polish immigrants in Israel.

    This is the plaque at Auswitz from 1948:

    In 1989 it was replaced with:

    This is a rather large margin of error. One might conclude these numbers were exaggerated for an agenda (reparations and guilt projection). The World Almanac states the Jewish population actually increased by over a half a million from 1941 to 1948.

    As per:

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    @shitshitshit welcome to ponzied SSS

    Hope you will be one of many migrants leaving the shithole and infiltrating our greener pastures.

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    ...AND whenever the unsurpassed government of Isreal throws a tantrum about anything, you can be sure their next act will be to slaughter innocent Palestinians on their land. And this comes from a tribe who claims to have escaped Egyptian oppression in the biblical times. Biblical lies indeed. The old testament was just one more of their crafty lies. The appetizer obviously, as we saw they went severely hyperinflating with time.

    I know I know, I will need some serious hollowcost education, or shall I say reeducation, too.

    There is no more formidable liar than the outraged man.


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    If anyone knows, it would be IBM.

    While IBM has never directly denied any of the evidence posed by the book, it has criticized Black's research methodology and accusatory conclusions. IBM claimed it does not have any other information about the company during its World War II period or the operations of Dehomag, as it argued most documents were destroyed or lost during the war.

    After the publication of Black's 2012 expanded edition, he wrote for the Huffington Post, "The punch cards, machinery, training, servicing, and special project work, such as population census and identification, was managed directly by IBM headquarters in New York, and later through its subsidiaries in Germany, known as Deutsche Hollerith-Maschinen Gesellschaft (DEHOMAG), Poland, Holland, France, Switzerland, and other European countries." He added that the punch cards bore the indicia of the German subsidiary Dehomag.

    No one will ever find out for sure though. That data is lost in history.

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    "suffered and died"? A ploy to make the reader believe four million died when in fact four million suffered? most of the world suffered in those times.

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